Letter n°1 from CNL (organiser) to all team leaders, coaches and competitors

Dear friends, this letter is to point out some important news about your trip to the Europeans.

1) Arrival by car

 All coaches will have to come to the Kerguelen Club first in order to leave the equipment and register the coach boat (if they have one). Each coach will receive an identification sticker to put on the boat and the badge to open the harbour’s parking and reach the slipway.

There will be a specific parking for trailers situated in front of the harbour.

Club Kerguelen (race office and registration) on the map: https://goo.gl/maps/y31LEzqkcKR2

Harbour Kernevel (RIB mooring and trailers parking): https://goo.gl/maps/TuRgM1H26bA2

2) Arrival by plane or train

If you have a specific request to facilitate your travel to Lorient, see event website.

3) Support boats

Support boats will have to be registered at the Kerguelen race office. The registration desk will be open from Thursday 20th of July, 4.00 pm. 

From Friday 21th to Saturday 29th, the cost of marina berth is included in the coach registration. 

If you want to moor you RIB before the 21th or after the 29th, you can contact the harbour office:


The trailers parking (RIB and Boards trailers) is situated next to the harbour Kernevel (behind the Villa Margaret). It will be required to have your badge or code to open the parking.

It’s forbidden to park your boat on the Kerguelen beach and to moor in front of the beach. All the boats (coach and committee boats) will have to moor at Kernevel Harbour after races.

4) Equipment storage

There will be a storage area for each team situated in front of beach. This area will be open and guard from Wednesday 19th July.

5) Accommodation

You can find all the facilities on the following website:


The club and Kerguelen beach are protected areas. There a no facilities for motorhome or camping.

The first camping with facilities is to 2min away by car.